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Kristen W

Hi Samantha!

I’m so happy to hear that this course has helped you get so much clarity around what you want in your next role. That’s awesome! 🙂

I can validate that you definitely do sound sure of what you want — in terms of what WILL and what WON’T work for you — in your next job. You’re embracing your Thriver values and recognizing your need for balance and predictability in your schedule (at least MOST of the time). That’s great!

So then, it makes perfect sense that your next question would be how to ask if companies where you’re interviewing share those values. I actually wrote an article for The Muse a while back about this exact thing, which you can read here, that walks you step-by-step through how to craft the perfect interview question to determine if a company shares your values. I hope that helps!

If you have follow-up questions after reading the article, let me know. Good luck on your upcoming interviews!