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Hi Kristen and Rachel,

Firstly I’d like to thank you both for the impact the passion profiles has had on my life so far. I’ve almost finished the short course and I feel so clear on what I want for my next role.

I’m a classic ‘Thriver,’ I highly value balance and am not getting that from my current company. In past jobs where I’ve been happy, I’ve been able to work 9-5pm 90-95% of the time – with a decent lunch break every day.

I’m currently looking for work and have a few interview opportunities lined up, I want to know how I ask about my dealbreaker without sounding like I’m not willing to put in a few extra hours when is absolutely needed. The truth is, I don’t mind the occasional overtime – if I’m working on an event (I work in PR) and we’re getting everything ready the night before that is absolutely fine. Or if I get an urgent request from a producer at a radio station for my client to appear that night on their radio show at 5pm, again I’m completely ok with that – but when my company assigns me 20+ hours of work in a month in excess of my full time hours, I absolutely hate it and my health becomes really affected – anxiety, depression, panic attacks etc. This is what my current company is doing which is why I’m leaving!

So, how can I make sure in interviews this very important dealbreaker is asked without sounding like I’m not occasionally willing to go beyond what the office hours are?