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Kristen W

Hi Amber!

It’s amazing to see how much insight you’ve gotten into yourself and why your previous jobs always seemed to leave you feeling burnt out or unfulfilled. As a fellow “Fire-Thriver” (as Rachel and I like to call them), it makes perfect sense why having your own lifestyle business — something that’s YOUR mission and YOUR product/service, that allows you to build your schedule around your lifestyle and have no cap on your earning potential — is so appealing to you.

To answer your questions…

— I wrote a blog post recently about the value of bridge jobs (temporary jobs that are a “bridge” between where you are now and your bigger career goals) that describes some great criteria for choosing the right bridge job for you. Check it out here and see if that helps answer your question about an in-between job.

— As for how Rachel and I decided on our focus for coaching … well, I have LOTS to say about how we went about becoming coaches, choosing our focus area, and building a virtual coaching business — way more than I can share in this forum comment! If you’d like, I’d be happy to chat with you personally about the process of becoming a coach and how to choose a coaching specialty. You can use me as an “informational interview” about the profession of coaching, if you’d like. Feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected] and we can chat about it.