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Mary S


Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback. I thought about going back but I forgot to mention that my previous position was customer support. >_> I like helping people but I feel very vulnerable talking to people on the phone. I’m 110% an introvert. I almost had to take the overnight shift because the call load was much lighter and there isn’t the same pressure to get through as many calls as possible. I was naturally good at it, but that’s because I have a great voice. Which I actually currently use in my current position helping make all the voice overs for our tutorial videos. (I’d love to do voice overs professionally as a side job, but I’m not really a Side Hustler. One job is enough for me. 🙂 )

The MUSE article was very helpful. It of course sent me down a rabbit hole of manager personalities. (My manager is so much like my Dad it scares me…and he’s only a year older than me.)

And thanks for the jumping pad for remote work. Now that I’ve got my goal salary in mind it makes it easier to filter. (Also, I did my homework this week…and in my course I reward myself with ice cream. >_> aka cheat the diet.)

Thank you again so much!