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Hi ladies,

I have just finished the “making it real” section of the course and after realizing that I’m like you both (I’m a Firestarter and Thriver combo) I have definitely gotten some wonderful insight into myself but I’m still unsure what to do next. Right now I’m off work on stress leave due to burnout in trying to do things on the side, none of which felt exactly right, and working literally in all my spare time. I don’t know how to narrow down my passions I think in order to decide which one is going to be the most lucrative and smartest one to lead with that I won’t have to work 24/7. I may expand down the road of course but I can’t seem to narrow down where to start. I’ve tried numerous MLM businesses on the side (ultimately trying to leave my day job behind) but thanks to this course and the Passion Profile I realize that I may never be satisfied selling someone else’s product/service. I want “my name on the door” so to speak. I also want to choose my own hours and not have to work weekends. I have an income potential that I want to hit and of course, as a Firestarter, I don’t want a cap on that. I’m just not sure which of my passions I want to incorporate into a business. I love the idea of motivating and inspiring people so coaching seems like it might be a good fit but in what capacity I don’t know yet. I’m quite passionate about natural health so if I could somehow incorporate health and wellness into my coaching, that might work. I have a mortgage and two young children and am a single parent so I can’t just up and quit my job even though I’m miserable. I have thought about what I could do that would allow me flexibility that would bring an income in while I build a business. The only jobs I can think of that would allow that are Real Estate (although being on call makes the Thriver part of me cringe), Financial Planner/Advisor, or mortgage broker (the last two of which I have a background in) but any of those jobs would require most if not all of my attention to earn enough to get by and then the dream of building a business which I’ve had since I was in my early 20s would go by the wayside again because I wouldn’t have enough time. I guess my question is how did you decide what your focus in coaching would be? And do you have any recommendations on the type of job I could do that wouldn’t kill me slowly as I’m building my business? Any feedback would be awesome! Thanks ladies!