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Kristen W

Hi Mary,

First of all, I’m so glad you realized that you have a big deal-breaker around contract work. That makes perfect sense, given that the Thriver in you loves stability and predictability! And now that you’re looking for a new job while still working full-time, you won’t have to accept a contract job just to get you out of unemployment. You’re in a much more empowered position now.

You asked some great questions! Before I answer them, I want to throw a question back at you. Since it sounds like you were so much happier with your job before you got “promoted” (how silly that your promotion came with a pay cut!), how possible would it be to ask for your old job back? Or to make your current job more like your old job? If you share with your manager how much more you enjoyed and felt engaged by your last position, they might be willing to work with you to make that happen. Most (quality) companies and managers would rather find ways to keep you engaged and happy than have to replace you, so it’s in their best interest to support you.

Now, to answer your questions:

Resources for working remotely — Here are a few sites where you can search for some work-from-home jobs (I’m sure there are lots more, plus you can always find them on big sites like Indeed as well, but here are just a few to get you started):

How to ask for more compensation — I have lots to say on the subject, but a lot of it depends on your current situation. This article on The Muse sums up some of the points I often make to clients about asking for a raise and might be helpful for you.

Hope that helps!