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Mary S

Hi Kristen and Rachel,

First thanks so much for the starter course. Like Gillian I started it a couple years ago but didn’t finish it back then because I ended up getting hired by the company I wanted to work for. So it was just nice to know that I was a Thriver. Now I’ve come to the point where I’m unhappy with my position and finishing the course has shed more light on “why”.

I also felt validated because I know now that looking for a new job and having a foundation to work from is what I need to do at this point. The weird thing is, that this is the first time I’ve ever that I’ve had the opportunity to look for work while still fully employed. It’s really hard to find full-time work in Austin, TX in the tech industry. So I’m a little nervous to start looking only to find contract work.

In the course one of my Deal-Breakers is contract work. I will never work contract again. Doing so has decimated my finances and took the best years of my life. (All my 20s were spent in contracts…except for my first job…which I quit to start my own company with a friend…which failed in less than a year.)

Thing is I really like what I do and the culture of the company, but when I got “promoted” I didn’t realize I also had taken a pay cut. Previously, I was working an overnight shift which had a pay differential. I also had a great schedule. I worked Wednesday night to Sunday Morning, so I could run errands and go to the gym and volunteer on Monday and Tuesday. I was thriving. But since starting this new job, I’m micromanaged more, I’ve asked for a raise so it would match what I used to make but only got a fraction of it, and while I can occasionally work from home…I have to have a “reason” to do so and give 24 hour notice.

I’m pretty keen on learning more about working remotely. Do you know of any good resources I should check out as I research?

Also, any tips about asking for fair compensation? The last time I was job coached, I was told based on my resume I should be asking for 70k, but I have never found work willing to pay me that much and be in the field of what I want to do. Plus, I’d be happy with something closer to 45 or 50k. …Still haven’t been able to find or ask for that much.

Thanks in advance!