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Kristen W

Hi Kate! So happy you’re here! 🙂

First of all, can I just say how impressed I am that you’ve launched your own chiropractic practice, created an ergonomic yoga block, and published a book?!! That’s seriously amazing. And you still have bigger, bolder dreams — loving your pure Firestarter energy!

It’s really powerful that you’ve come to the huge realization that you feel much more passionate about teaching your patients vs. treating them. I’m sure that wasn’t easy to acknowledge, because it means big change is in order! Although I sense that you’re more that willing to make big changes if it means big impact and big payoff.

There are MANY ways I could answer your question about how to get your virtual products (and possibly physical products, too) out into the world in a big way because there are tons of theories and strategies behind online marketing and getting your voice out there. But the best way I know how to answer your question is by sharing what’s worked for us.

If I had to break down the biggest components of what’s helped to get us the exposure we’ve received, I’d probably lump them into these categories:

Know your audience and speak directly to them. We got super clear years ago about our ideal audience/client, and everything we write & create is meant specifically for that person. That means our message doesn’t get diluted by trying to appeal to anyone & everyone. Although, the great part is, plenty of people who don’t necessarily align with our ideal client still find us and get real value from what we offer.
Create consistent content. We write a blog post every single week, and we have for years. We’re extremely consistent with our writing, which means we’ve got TONS of searchable content on our site (which means lots of people now find us through Google searches) and our audience can always expect to reliably hear from us every Tuesday. This is the backbone of our business and our marketing.
Get exposure through relevant outlets. We’ve slowed down on this in recent years, but we started out building our business and our community by getting published on relevant websites. We found a few sites that were geared toward young professionals or women in the workplace or Millennials, and we wrote articles for the semi-regularly. That got us a ton of exposure in front of the right kinds of people.
Create an appealing, shareable freebie. Our Passion Profile Quiz is one of the MOST important parts of our business. It grabs people’s attention when they first find us, it captures their email address so they can become part of our community, and it instantly builds trust and intrigue. I attribute a LOT of our business success to our quiz. So having something compelling and shareable as a freebie really gets people engaged from the start!

I could probably write an extensive essay on each of those things, and those are just the first things that come to mind. There’s obviously so much more that goes into this that I simply can’t get into in a short forum comment. But it’s a start, at least! 🙂 Hope it helps!