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Hello fellow fierce and wonderfully-made fire starters!

My name is Kate and I just completed the short course. It was wonderful and really helped me develop my craft in terms of “how” to execute the business of my dreams. I am a chiropractor by trade, but I also developed and patented an ergonomic yoga block and published my first book! Through the venture of starting my own private practice, launching a product and now launching a book, I’ve learned a few things, which will lead me to my question. First, I’ve discovered that I love TEACHING my patients more than I love TREATING my patients. I also discovered that being in private practice “caps and snuffs me out” because by the nature of the business design, my income is directly correlated to the number of patients that I see in a day. I also discovered that I’m unable to make a big enough (and meaningful) impact (I’m talking large scale, “the masses” impact). Through your course, I’ve discovered that writing, storytelling, inspiring growth and development is a way I believe I can make a large-scale, meaningful impact and still have almost 100% freedom and autonomy (eBooks are entirely automated, so, if done correctly, your income isn’t limited). This leads me to my question: Historically in your personal experience (and with your clients) what was the key factor in terms of actually turning your business from a side source of income into a highly profitable one? Was it connecting to a PR company? Through social media advertising? How did you two “meet the world” so to speak? Any suggestions you can offer from working with past authors? Is writing enough? Is it possible to be the next J.K Rowling?

Thank you for taking the time to provide insight and wisdom. I am thankful, grateful… all of it!
Dr. Kate 🙂