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Kristen W

Hi Keisha,

I love that the Firestarter profile felt so “you” and deeply resonated with your values.

It sounds like you’re pretty clear about HOW you want to be working in the next phase of your career (which is what your Passion Profile is all about), which is awesome. That was the main point of this Short Course, to help you get clear on HOW you should be working, based on your values & strengths. And now, naturally, you want to get clear on specifically WHAT you’d like to be doing. I have SO much to say on this topic that I have no idea how to condense it into a forum comment! In fact, our other virtual course (The Passion Plan Virtual Experience) is meant to be the “next level” course beyond this one, and it’s main purpose is to help you figure out WHAT you’re passionate about. (The Short Course is about HOW you should be working, and the Virtual Experience is WHAT you’re passionate about.) That entire course is really meant to help you answer the question you just asked! Unfortunately, The Passion Plan Virtual Experience is not currently open for enrollment — we only run that course twice per year, and we won’t be doing it again until September/October. If you don’t want to wait that long, you may want to consider some 1-on-1 coaching, where we can get super personalized and in-depth about WHAT you’re passionate about and how to turn it into a career that your Firestarter self will love.

In the meantime, you may want to check out a video that Rachel and I made last year. It’s called “How to Find Your Passion,” and it has some mindset shifts and first steps about figuring out out what you’re passionate about. We have SO much more to share on the topic, of course, but we packed as much as we could in a one-hour video. It might be a good starting point for you, if nothing else!

Hope that helps. 🙂