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Kristen W

Hi Karee,

I’m so happy to hear that you’re feeling more hopeful about your future and are ready to start paying attention to 9 or 10 opportunities as they show up! It’s perfectly understandable that you’re still feeling a bit unsure about WHAT you want to be doing in your next job.

It sounds like you’re pretty clear about HOW you want to be working in the next phase of your career (based on your Thriver values), which is awesome. That was the main point of this Short Course, to help you get clear on HOW you should be working, based on your values & strengths. And now, naturally, you want to get clear on specifically WHAT you’d like to be doing — what kind of work would make you feel engaged, excited, and valuable. If at all possible, I would really recommend that you join us for the Passion Plan Virtual Experience, which opens for enrollment in a little over a week — it’s meant to be the “next level” course beyond this one, and it’s main purpose is to help you figure out WHAT you’re passionate about. (The Short Course is about HOW you should be working, and the Virtual Experience is WHAT you’re passionate about.) That entire course is really meant to help you answer the question you just asked! (Plus, as a Short Course member, you’re going to get a pretty huge discount on the Virtual Experience, BTW! Make sure to check your inbox on Monday the 30th.)

In the meantime, I suggest thinking back to previous jobs, projects, classes you took in school, etc., to see if you can identify a “common thread” of what felt really great, fun, and natural for you. It doesn’t need to be something as clear-cut as “medicine” or “teaching” or “fitness.” It might be a bit more broad, like “encouraging people,” “brainstorming ideas,” or “creative thinking.” See if anything emerges when you look back over your previous experience through this lens, and that might be a good place to at least start exploring. And if you join us for the Virtual Experience coming up, we’ll be taking you step-by-step through how to do that!

Hope that helps! 🙂