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Kristen W

Hi Kayla!

It makes me so happy to hear that you’re finally embracing your Thriver values!! That’s so powerful, and it feels so much better to accept who you are than to try to become something/someone you’re not.

I can see why you’re having this internal struggle right now. You’re current job is set-up to be perfect for a Thriver — the shortened work hours, the long weekends, the stable paycheck, the great vacation time, etc. But if you’re miserable doing the actual day-to-day work, then a 30-hour workweek can quickly feel twice that long!

You said you’d really like a job that incorporates more fun and creativity, since those are most lacking at your current job, so I’m thinking it would first be helpful for you to define what fun and creativity look like in an ideal work setting for you. What does it mean to have fun at work? What kinds of things could you be doing that would make your workday more fun? What kinds of people would you like to be interacting with? What kind of variety would make things more interesting? How about creativity? What kinds of tasks or projects make you feel creative? What characteristics would you love to experience in creative coworkers? What does creativity mean to you in a workplace? The more clearly you can answer these questions, the better fuel you’ll have for your job search. Sure, you can search for “fun” and “creative” jobs, but you’ll get MUCH better results if you search for more specific phrases that describe how you’d like to have fun and be creative at work. Does that make sense?

I also want to mention, even though you didn’t directly ask about this, that what you’re asking for is NOT too much. Even though your current job has a lot or perks doesn’t mean you have to settle for doing something that completely bores you day-in and day-out. You don’t have to sacrifice flexibility and vacation time for a job that interests you. In fact, I’d say that the more fun & creative jobs are often the ones that come with a lot of flexibility and a great culture! Those things tend to go hand-in-hand. So many people fear that they have to choose between a job that’s stable & flexible or a job they enjoy, and I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. It’s not asking too much to have both, and I have every faith that you’ll find the right combo for you!

Thanks for asking this question — I know it’s one that other people will relate to. So glad you enjoyed this course! 🙂