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Kristen W

Hi again, Abby! It seems to me like, even though you’ve gotten much more clear on HOW you want to work (the setting, the environment, the level of stimulation/challenge, the hours, etc.), you’re still feeling a bit lost when it comes to understanding WHAT specifically you’d like to be doing and what will make you happy, which is totally normal. There’s nothing wrong with you for feeling bored, frustrated, and confused — it just means you’re ready for the next level of self-awareness and clarity … which is why I’m SO happy that I saw you signed up for our Passion Plan Virtual Experience! Because that’s exactly what we’re going to be exploring in that “next level” program. We’ll dive deep into WHAT is going to make you feel most fulfilled and happy, how to combine that with your work, and what action steps to take to make it happen.

As far as your two Profiles — it sounds like you likely have a Primary Profile of Side Hustler, and a Secondary Thriver Profile. It might help for you to go back to the “Secondary Profiles” video of the Short Course to get ideas on how to balance two competing profiles (which might also help with your confusion and overwhelm).

See you in the PPVE! 🙂