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Kristen W

Hi Ashley!

Sounds like you’re definitely a Side Hustler through-and-through, and it suits you well! I love that you seem to have found a good balance that works well for you when it comes to mixing/matching previous jobs and personal projects. That can be a challenge for many Side Hustlers, so kudos to you for figuring out how to best juggle and combine your various interests!

It’s really amazing that you’ve done so well with your franchise business the past few years. Even if it’s not what you’re truly passionate about and you’re ready for a change, I can imagine that’s been incredibly beneficial for learning how to run a business. You’re SO well primed to now start your own business!

It sounds like you’re pretty clear about HOW you want to be working in the next phase of your career (online entrepreneurship), which is awesome. That was the main point of this Short Course, to help you get clear on HOW you should be working, based on your values & strengths. And now, naturally, you want to get clear on specifically WHAT you’d like to be doing — in this case, what kind of business you’d like to start. I have SO much to say on this topic that I have no idea how to condense it into a forum comment lol! If at all possible, I would really recommend that you join us for the Passion Plan Virtual Experience, which opens for enrollment next week — it’s meant to be the “next level” course beyond this one, and it’s main purpose is to help you figure out WHAT you’re passionate about. (The Short Course is about HOW you should be working, and the Virtual Experience is WHAT you’re passionate about.) That entire course is really meant to help you answer the question you just asked! (Psst, as a Short Course member, you’re going to get a pretty huge discount on the Virtual Experience, BTW!)

The one thing I would encourage you to do now, it would be to consider what might be the “golden thread” that ties together most/all of your many interests. For example, I am passionate about personal growth and raising consciousness, although that passion has taken many forms throughout the years (first I wanted to write a book, then I applied to grad schools to become a therapist, and finally settled on coaching). Figuring out that golden thread might help you settle on your business idea. And if you join us for the Virtual Experience next week, we’ll be taking you step-by-step through how to do that!

Great question, and I’m glad you’re enjoying this course so far! 🙂