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Ashley H

Hi Kristen & Rachel,

I am so happy to have met you! I am enjoying the short course so far and am looking forward to completing it. I’m a Side Hustler 100%! I’ve always had multiple jobs and the only times I have had only one job I’ve always been creating/doing other things either within the company our outside on my own. If you can guess, I’m a Jane of all trades! I get excited about a lot of things, dive in and learn what I can, then the next thing catches my attention (usually as I’m researching the first thing), and before I know it I’m off learning about the next thing. They are usually related so I can typically build on all my knowledge but my brain gets over loaded sometimes.

About 4 years ago I purchased an existing franchise to escape my job as a project manager for a commercial builder. One of the main reasons for going in that direction was to stay at home with my kids. Over the past few years I’ve been working from home and growing the business. It’s been great and I don’t think I will ever want to punch a clock again! Recently though, I’ve decided I want to start my next “project”. The business is okay but it’s not ideal (24/7, franchise restrictions, and I’m not really passionate about it – although I do get to help families in my community).

I’ve been reading a bunch of books and trying to figure out my life plan but I’m struggling to decide what I’m REALLY good at. I’d like to start an online business that helps people because that really resonates with me but how can I do that when I’m not an expert at really anything??

Any advice? I was contemplating getting my coaching certificate but I really want this to be a success and not just a new shiny object.

Thank you for your insight!