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Kristen W

Hi Merin,

So glad you’ve enjoyed the course so much, and I love hearing that the Thriver profile fits you so well! This is such a great question, so I’m glad you asked it here in the forum so other people who are wondering the same thing can benefit.

You’re right that standard job listings are unlikely to give you much insight into whether or not the position will match with your values. You’ll likely just get a list of responsibilities and requirements, and maybe (if you’re lucky) a short blurb about the company. But that’s not particularly helpful in determining whether a job is a 9 or 10 for you.

Since it sounds like your working environment might be even more important to you than your specific role (which is very normal, particularly for Thrivers), I’d suggest changing up the way you’re looking for jobs in the first place. Instead of using job boards to search according to position or job title, start by searching for some cool companies that seem to share your values. Don’t even start out looking for specific positions — just focus FIRST on finding a handful of companies that seem to put a strong emphasis on your values of stability, flexibility, and learning. (The Muse does a great job of highlighting companies who have a great work culture.) Then, once you’ve come up with your short list of companies where you’d LOVE to work, then go check out their job postings to see what might align with your skill set. Or, reach out to someone in the HR department to ask if they have any openings for someone with an accounting background. The good news is, every single company needs someone with accounting expertise, so it’s likely that at least one of the companies on your list will be looking for someone like you!

Let me know how this works for you!