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Kristen W

Hi Christian! I’m glad you’ve gotten so much insight from this course! I wish you lots of success, sunshine, and rainbows in your next position. 😉

Really good question about being a Thriver and wanting to work on your own time (or at least fewer hours), while also continuing to use the skills you already have. It sounds like you’ve been considering what I call having a “lifestyle business.” It’s different from traditional entrepreneurship in the start-up mentality sense (which is all about growth and expansion), and instead it’s focused on having a business that supports the lifestyle that you want. Clarity on Fire is a lifestyle business — it allows Rachel and I to work as much (or little) as we want, from any location we want, and it allows us to seamlessly integrate work into our daily lives. Those are generally the perks of most lifestyle businesses, but there are downsides, too — there can certainly be some pressure, especially at the beginning when you’re getting things off the ground, to provide for yourself.

There are a few ways to alleviate that pressure, if you do decide to create your own freelance or consultant-type lifestyle business. You could, of course, work part-time alongside your new business to provide some financial stability as you’re starting out. You could also consider full-time or part-time jobs that allow you to work virtually — there are more and more of these kinds of jobs available, especially in some of the areas you mentioned (administrative, editing, copywriting, etc.). I’m even wondering if you might like being a Virtual Assistant, or something along those lines. It would tie in your skills/experience, while allowing you to work completely virtually and set your own schedule. Might be worth looking into.

Hopefully that gets you thinking of more ideas!