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Christian V

Your short course gives a ton of insight into work environments! Like many others who have taken your course, I’m excited to set myself up for success, sunshine and rainbows in my next position. I do have a question after taking my first action steps.

Question: As a Thriver, my values are centered around creativity, time and demands on personal freedom. I would like to work fewer hours or have work that is periodic on-site/on-call. Something along the lines of a consultant or designer, where you show up, do your thing, and then leave your happy little clients with a finished product.

However, my skills and background are very technical and supportive (think: information systems, administrative, editing, all computer/office-based work), and it’s tricky to find a job where those worlds overlap. It seems that jobs with the environment I’m seeking doesn’t typically align with the skills I have. I have considered starting a small copywriting or design business, but am concerned that it will turn into too much pressure.

Any suggestions on getting off the job boards and finding a job that aligns with my personal skills and Thriver values (but NOT my passions)?

Thanks so much!

(Side note: Could there be a section of text missing in the Thriver profile? It looks like there is a heading: “You’re always up for the next
adventure”, and the page ends there.)