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Kristen W

Hi Ivana,

Wow, thanks for sharing your story! I love how much insight you’ve gotten from this course. It’s like a lightbulb came on and now you fully understand why some of your previous jobs weren’t the right fit, even though you had a key role and did a great job. Knowing that it’s non-negotiable for you to be fully passionate about the mission of a company — maybe even needing to create the mission yourself, through your own business — is a hugely helpful insight. There was never anything wrong with you for feeling frustrated, unfulfilled, and unmotivated — you just weren’t aligned with the overall company mission!

If you haven’t yet watched the video about “Secondary Passion Profiles,” I think that might help clear things up about why you’re drawn to both the Firestarter and Tribe Member profiles. I’m betting that one of them is your Primary (likely Firestarter, if that was your original quiz result) and the other is your secondary. It’s not always easing having “competing” Passion Profiles (I have a secondary Passion Profile myself, so I understand!), so you’ll have to find a balance between the two that works for you. For example, you may want to start a business (Firestarter) where you eventually intend to hire a small team of likeminded, engaged employees (Tribe Member) to create that balance. Or you may want to work at a company with a great work culture and a mission you’re passionate about (Tribe Member) but that gives you a ton of autonomy over your projects and your schedule (Firestarter). I don’t know what the ideal balance looks like for you, but you’ll need to keep both of your Passion Profiles in mind as you make future career decisions.

Hope that helps! Thanks for sharing your experience here! 🙂