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Hi Kristen!, I really have enjoyed this course, is not an easy task because requires a lot of introspection, but takes time for that, just that, is a great gift.
I have a question, my profile is Firestarter, but when I read the Tribe members I was confused because I felt identified with both, and to be honest there are some aspects in the Firestarter profile that for me were more aspirational than true. However there was something that you explained in the course that for me was so clear and helped me to identify my profile. I have worked in multinational companies for decades, I have achieved important positions and for many time that was my Nirvana, however some time ago I have felt so lost because I realized I have almost cero motivation, following the ideas of others, implement projects that others said, executing process that others designed, etc etc is like “What I’m doing with my life?”. You explained in some point of the course that for some people care about the mission is crucial, for another people have a key role is the most important thing, and for others must be both. In my case and with all these years of experience I have had the second one, an important role, however being someone important following something that I don´t care doesn´t make sense for me at all. That’s was my deal breaker! I love to be someone important in the company, of course, but be part of something I care is not negotiable, especially at this point of my life. I have followed the lead for so many time, that I’m done!. You also said that a Firestarter is not necessarily an entrepreneurship because you can find a company that fit with your values, however in my personal perspective something or someone in some point is going to clash. That doesn’t mean when you have your business everything is going to be perfect but at the end you can lead change and transformation when things are not good according to your values. This course came just when I start playing with the idea to have my own business, this is a long journey, not an easy one for sure, but everything is so clear for me now, I understand why I had so many time unmotivated and frustrated thinking I was not good enough. Is impossible to be successful when you are not in your element.

there is a question can help to identify what is a deal breaker between these profiles? If there is anything that you can share with me, especially with my dilemma between Firestarter and Tribe member or anything additional that you think can help. I’m going to star with the “Making real” part. So I’m thinking is crucial to be super clear on that before to start making the plan! 😉

You are doing an amazing contribution.
Keep doing it.