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Kristen W

Hey Abby!

Sounds like you know yourself well enough to know that trying to figure out how to fund your life through multiple part-time jobs (instead of one stream of income) would be more stressful than motivating. I totally get that!

As for not having the energy to do things outside of work that you enjoy, I totally get that as well. It’s so frustrating to be sitting at work, bored, having all kinds of grand ideas of the fun things you could be doing instead … but once you “clock out” for the day or week, you’re too tired to actually do those things. That’s so normal! And the reason it’s so normal is that most of us are spending more of our time on things that drain our energy than replenish it. If most of your work day feels draining, then you’re going to leave work with an “empty tank” when it comes to your energy — you’re running on fumes when it’s time to do the fun stuff! So I want you to start keeping a running list of thing that naturally energize you. Do you get energized by meeting new people? Or by taking a short walk outside? Or having fun plans on the calendar? Or listening to good music? Anything that gives you an energy boost (even just a tiny one!) goes on the list. Then try adding more of those “energizing” things into your day. The more ways you can try to fill up your energy tank throughout the day, the less drained and exhausted you’ll feel once work is over.

I’d love for you to give this a try and come back to let me know how it goes! 🙂