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Abby G

Thanks for the response, Kristen. I’ve definitely considered both of the paths that you mentioned above. I think the single career with built-in novelty and learning sounds more appealing because even though I am a side hustler, I also value security and knowing that I have a paycheck coming in on a scheduled basis. The idea of having to juggle multiple jobs sounds like it would definitely keep my engaged, however, I’m not sure I could handle having to figure out how to make all the numbers add up. Especially with a freelance business, the idea of having to go out and find clients is really overwhelming to me.

On the other side of that, I would love to be able to pursue hobbies outside of work but find that I’m exhausted by the end of the work day and week. Of course, I make time for working out, family, and friends, but having a full-time job just takes a lot of my energy. I wish I could work 32 hours a week and still get a full paycheck (don’t we all). Do you have any suggestions on how to balance work and personal interests? I find that when I’m at work I’m constantly thinking of all the things I’d really rather be doing. I know that is probably partly due to my lack of engagement in my current role. Thanks for all your help!