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Abby G

Hi Kristen & Rachel,

I found your site via LevoLeague and instantly took the quiz (I’m constantly taking quizzes trying to understand myself and find something I am passionate about/would excel at- particularly relating to career). My result was the Side Hustler profile, which described me pretty well.

Although after going through the course, I found that I related to different aspects of all the profiles. I crave flexibility like a Firestarter, I crave connection like a Tribe Member, I crave enjoyment outside of work like a Thriver…

Here is my dilemma: I have always been a curious person and have wanted to try everything. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had dozens of hobbies, interests, ideas, and jobs. My parents said that I wanted to try everything and pretty much excelled at whatever I tried BUT I could never just stick to one thing. As I’ve gotten older, I still value my sense of adventure and curiosity, but it does not serve me nearly as well in the adult world. In fact, it has been causing me a lot of grief and low self-esteem.

I find that I’m constantly struggling to stick with any plan or career path for long because I become distracted by other “shiny objects” that sound appealing and before long I start wondering what those paths would be like. I start a job and feel excited for about 6 months, then I start questioning if there are better things out there or an opportunity that would be a better fit for me. One day I want to start my own business (a million ideas of what that might be), one day I want to work as a freelancer, one day I want to climb the corporate ladder… you get the idea.

I went to college right after high school and had a terrible time picking a major. I ended up moving home after the first year and eventually went to school to become an esthetician because my sister thought it would be a good fit for me. After working in that field for 3 years, I became miserable and wanted desperately to finish my degree. I went back to school for marketing, and in the past 3 years have job hopped in different marketing roles trying to find one that fit me.

Fast forward to my current situation and things haven’t changed much. I currently work as a copywriter for a digital marketing agency. Some days I love it, others I dream of a different life/career.

I just don’t know if I’ll ever find something that makes me feel truly fulfilled and excited to begin working every day. I know I’m not a lazy person but sometimes I question if I am because I truly hate having to “work” for a living. And I hate having to work on someone else’s schedule. The problem is…even if I didn’t have to worry about money, I don’t know what I would want to do with my time every day. Of course, there are things I enjoy- working out, reading, writing, etc. but I have yet to find a “job” that makes going to work feel worth it.

Do you have any advice for me? I’m currently looking for another job but I’m afraid that even if I do find something else, I’ll end up in the exact same position a year from now :/