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Mariko T


First of all, thank you both so much for all the great insight you’ve shared with us – I’m already much happier just knowing I’m not alone!

So for background, I am a definite Side Hustler, and also relate to parts of all the other ‘types’ (like we do). I hugely value freedom and autonomy like the Firestarters, love helping people and working with a really passionate team like the Tribe Members, and value money primarily as a means to support my lifestyle like the Thrivers.

The issue is that I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, so essentially if I become too overwhelmed, I tend to trigger a flare-up of increased pain and fatigue. Some days I struggle to even get out of bed, and it’s been difficult having to learn to limit my activity level when I used to be able to do so much more. As you can probably imagine, this is extremely frustrating for someone who is a Side Hustler at heart, and some days I just feel so angry that my body has betrayed me by being unable to keep up.

Currently, I am working as a physical therapist, and fortunately I can afford to work part-time and enjoy my life outside of work (like a Thriver). But it definitely isn’t an ideal job in general, not just because it’s not a great Passion Profile fit, but also the physicality and stress of it can sometimes trigger a flare-up (and it isn’t as though I have the freedom to work from home on my flared-up days).

Anyway, the essence of my question is: do you have any suggestions for Side Hustlers who CAN’T just keep running like the energizer bunny? How is it possible to reconcile the need for true rest and recuperation with the drive to always be learning, creating, and accomplishing? And how can I find/create a job (or combination of jobs) that supports both of these needs?