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Kristen W

Hi Shannon — Sorry for the delay in responding to this! Rachel and I have both been down with the flu this week (ugh, no fun).

I love that the PPSC has been so validating and eye-opening for you already! And it’s clear that you definitely have a strong sense of what you do/don’t want in your career (especially for being only 23 — you’re way ahead of the game!), which is awesome. The fact that you love your job at the history museum is great because it can point you in the right direction for full-time (and better paying) positions that will tie in the aspects of your current job that you love most.

I have a few ideas for how you can start finding jobs that might interest, based off of what you already know about yourself:

— Because you’re a Tribe Member and the mission and environment of the company is so important to you, try first looking into companies that you think are really awesome before searching for specific jobs. You might find that, for the right company, you’d be happy doing any number of jobs! So make a list of companies that you would LOVE to work for, and then browse their open positions.

— Instead of searching for job titles (like most of us do), try searching for key phrases that describe the parts of your current job that you most love. If you love planning events or coordinating guests, search for those kinds of phrases and see what things come up that might surprise you.

— Start taking note of people whose jobs you’re envious of. Do you have a friend, family member, or even just someone you follow on Instagram who you think, “Damn, that’s such a cool job!” whenever you see them? Whenever you feel jealousy, that’s just a sign that there’s something there you want and value, so that’s valuable info! If you’re curious, ask them a few questions about what their job is really like, or do some exploring on your own. It might just spark an idea for you.

Hope that helps!