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Shannon B

Hi Kristen and Rachel!

I have absolutely loved the PPSC and the amount of “eye-opening” it has done for me. It has really caused me to sit back for a second and really think about what I want to do in life. I’m 23 and have lots of work years ahead of me, so I want them to be good ones!

I am a Tribe Member through and through and it was relieving to find something that just gets me and helps me to understand myself and my wants professionally. The only bad news is that it confirmed that I’m kind of picky with where/how I work and I won’t be happy with just any job! (Like maybe a Thriver would be).

To give some background on my current situation, I have a history and public relations degree. As a senior in college, I was looking at PR jobs like I thought I should (more logical career path) without much luck. I think I had a panic moment about “sticking it to everyone and doing what I love”, so I opted for a part-time job at a history museum in my home town. At first I loved it, and thankfully was brought on full-time as a guest experience coordinator. I love talking to guests and planning group/field trips to the museum, however I’m paid basically nothing and therefore I still have to live at home, which I hate. “Adult-limbo” is what I call it. We also restructured and my role is changing into something I don’t like and all the team members I like are either unhappy or leaving. Bad things for a tribe member!

I think what I love most about my job though is that I help bring joy and a fun escape to others’ hectic and stressful lives, AND get them inspired about something that also means a lot to me.

I’ve realized that my sense of personal value is determined by the value I can create for others, and I need a career that lets this happen while also being in a position that deals with knowledge, detail, and accuracy. Question is, what kind of jobs fit this description that also would pay me enough to live on my own?? I was wondering if you could help me at all with this! Thank you!!