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Natalie H

Hey Kristen and Rachel!

I’m really loving this course which came to me at the absolute perfect time. I am really struggling and in such limbo about how to proceed with my job path. I am a definite firestarter and my current job (real estate agent) actually gives me much of what I need in terms of lifestyle and freedom, but I really don’t enjoy the work itself and after three years, I am really starting to resent it. I just switched companies and directions in an effort to see if it might change my feelings towards it, but so far I’ve only been feeling more anxious and confused. What I have envisioned for myself for many years is coaching people one on one. I have concerns as to whether or not I will like it, but it is something I know I have to give a chance. It is the job I feel the most certain and excited about right now. I feel really strongly about just quitting real estate all together. I am fortunate enough to not have money be an immediate concern at the moment. My only concern is that I may feel extremely overwhelmed if I put all my eggs in one basket. That emotionally, it might be too pressing to have coaching be my only thing because it I know like starting any business, it isn’t easy, quick, or consistent in the beginning. There is a lot of room for self-doubt.

I’m wondering if you have any advice on the following:

1) Should I stay in real estate?- Lifestyle works, Passion does not. It also requires a lot of my firestarter fuel as I have to be On and motivated for it to work. But it does make lots of money and can be done more passively.

2) If not, should I find another job to give me some constructive off time from building my business? Any ideas of what that could look like?

3) Do you think I should maybe hold off on starting my own thing now and see how I might like a full-time job (I’ve only done real estate)? Although the idea of outsourcing my time and paycheck amount to someone else makes me cringe.

Thank you SO much ,