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Diane M

Hi Kristen and Rachel!

I’ve been slowly progressing through the PPSC, and it’s help me learn that I’m part Tribe Member/part Side Hustler. Which means I’ve been feeling that push-pull you talked about in the secondary profiles session VERY strongly lately — especially as I consider a career change from my current marketing job.

As part Tribe Member, I like to have somewhere to get up and go every morning where I connect with others and am part of a team (but I want to have this outside of the corporate world). I’m considering becoming an elementary teacher to embrace my Tribe Member tendencies as well as my interest and love for helping others learn and grow. I started taking a small step toward this last year by taking an intro to teaching class, and I liked it! However, the Side Hustler in me wants to make sure I have enough time to dedicate to the hobby/side project that I also love –- creative writing. Creative writing is a very isolated experience, and while I really enjoy writing, it definitely conflicts with my Tribe Member values. So, I’m being pushed and pulled both ways, and, of course, this ambivalence is stopping me from making strides in either direction!

So, I’m just wondering if you have any advice to help me appease both sides. 🙂 I’ve been going through this dilemma for almost 3 years (yikes), so any thoughts you have would be so appreciated! Thank you in advance!