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Kristen W

Shannon — These are great questions, and I know that other Thrivers in this group will be glad you asked this on their behalf!

If you haven’t yet gotten to the “Job Searching According to Your Values” section of the Workbook, I think that might be really helpful as you’re searching for new jobs based mostly on the work environment (which, as you said, is extremely important, especially for Thrivers). The key here is getting clear about what your ideal environment looks like: Is it a casual atmosphere? Do you have a flexible work schedule? Are you working on-location or virtually (or a combo)? Are you working more independently or collaboratively? What are the characteristics of the people you’re ideally working with? The answers to all of these questions can fuel both your job search AND the kinds of questions you ask in an interview so you can get a true picture of what you’re walking into if you accept the job.

I really don’t believe there are “good” or “bad” career suggestions for any Passion Profile, and graphic design could fit into any of the 4 passion profiles — but HOW you go about being a graphic designer will look totally different if you’re, for example, a Firestarter vs. a Thriver. Does that make sense? So this is about embracing your Thriver values, learning to ask the right questions to learn as much about a working environment as possible, and identifying (and staying true to) your non-negotiables (for example, not working more than 40 hours per week).

Let me know if you still have questions about any of this after you get through the “Job Searching According to Your Values” section of the Workbook!