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Kristen W

Hi Andrew,

I’m glad you enjoyed the PPSC! I’m impressed by how much time and energy you’ve been putting into your self-awareness lately, and it’s clear from your various assessment results that you’re extremely intelligent, thoughtful, independent, artistic, intuitive, and passionate. Given all of that, I’m not surprised that climbing the corporate ladder (even in a gaming company, which I imagine was likely more innovative than many corporations) was frustrating to you. Given your values and your personality traits, it makes sense that you’re looking for more creativity, freedom, and possibilities than most companies can offer you. So starting your own business seems like the best option for you! (As a fellow Firestarter, I can absolutely relate to this.)

From the sound of it, you already have a pretty solid business model planned out, and you’ve seen people doing this kind of business successfully online, which proves that you have a viable idea. If this idea sounds exciting to you, then I would absolutely go for it. It’s natural to have reservations about whether any entrepreneurial venture is realistic, but I encourage you stick with the idea for at least couple of years (assuming you’re still enjoying it) since that’s how long it takes most businesses to gain traction and start reaching stability. I agree that it’s probably a good idea to start your new business while working at your current job (or another stable job) so that you don’t put needless financial pressure on a brand-new business right away. You can definitely transition more and more of your time and energy into your business over time. (I wish I’d been more gradual about transitioning from my full-time job into my business, to be honest!)

Sounds to me like you have a good idea and plenty of motivation and talent to make it happen!