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Andrew P

Hi Kristen,

Thanks for the insight. Your course was awesome!
I have been doing a lot of self study online here are my results.

Myer Briggs (INTJ-ENTJ)
Multiple intelligence test (Spatial 95%, Interpersonal 80%, Intapersonal 80%)
Passion Profile quiz (Firestarter)
Passionpreneur™ Personality Test (Informer 40%, Competitor 30%, Supporter 20%, Exciter 10%)

Art is my passion. I like traditional drawing & painting because you can do it anywhere and its simple. My parent insisted I get a degree in 3d animation because that’s where you can earn good money and were safe jobs are. During my professional career I got in with a gaming company and climbed the corporate ladder and was still not satisfied. I didn’t like the rules, red tape, restrictions, salary cap & office life. Over the past 3 years I have quit multiple jobs to pursue my own startups but have failed to find one that could bring me both financial success and enjoyment.

After doing further research and discovering some more traditional artist doing well online like Ann Rea & few others. I am developing a business plan for creating a online business selling painting targeted at a specific target market. I can use this as a way to develop my own brand and branch out in to different areas like commission projects, prints, original sketches classes & online courses.

As u can probably imagine I have my reservations about if it can work as a practical business, I believe the key is to transition for my job to the business over time once its established to reduce risk.

I would love to know your professional opinion on my choices & any recommendations you had for me?