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Kristen W

Hi Serene! It’s completely understandable that questioning which profile(s) you relate to most is making things feel confusing and cloudy. If the first quiz result you got was Side Hustler and you really related to that profile (and still really relate to it), then I intuitively believe that you’re a Side Hustler first and foremost. As you’re creating your ideal career plan, your Side Hustler needs and values will likely feel most important (variety, stimulation, high-energy, challenge, connection, balance, flexibility, etc.). But that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to borrow a few traits/values from other profiles, too!

Think of Passion Profiles as simply another lens through which to view and understand yourself. Your Profile is meant to help you identify the things that matter most to you, not to put you in a box. So if you decide that you’re a Side Hustler who REALLY loves her outside-of-work hobbies (a typical Thriver identifier) or who craves a TON of freedom and autonomy (which are big Firestarter values), that’s perfectly OK. Just keep those values in mind when you’re clarifying and taking action on your next career steps.

To me, ultimately, it seems pretty clear (from what I can tell in your posts, at least) that you’re primarily a Side Hustler who just wants to be able to pick and choose a few values from other profiles, and that’s perfectly fine!