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Kristen W

Hi Serene! Really good question, and I’m glad you asked it here because I’m sure other people have this same question.

It definitely makes sense that you might relate to some aspects of each of the 4 profiles because there’s a bit of overlap between certain profiles. For example, both Firestarters and Thrivers place an extremely high value on freedom, so that’s a shared value — but in most other aspects, those two profiles are very different. So although you could probably find elements of each profile that resonate with you, you’re going to most strongly relate to your Primary (and possibly Secondary) Profile, which is why we recommend using that to pinpoint your ideal career direction.

Keep in mind, too, that Side Hustlers — with their intense desire for variety and their naturally energetic spirit — may want to dabble in lots of jobs/career paths, which might mean pulling elements from other Profiles. I’m not sure if you’re a Side Hustler or not, but if so, that could explain why you resonate with various elements of all 4 profiles.